TfS Teacher resource information

  • Calendar
    When planning the Trees for Survival (TfS) year teachers will find our TfS Calendar useful. You can download  Our Trees for Survival Calendar as an A4 page and then enlarge it on a photocopier to A3 and post it on your wall.
  • TfS Primary Resource – Seed collection: Lesson 8
  • TfS Primary Resource – Sowing Seeds: Lesson 10
  • Pricking Out and Potting On
    Small seedlings must be pricked out as soon as possible if they are delivered in punnets. Download guidelines for Pricking Out. View short demonstration video link (See below).
    When seedlings have grown to approximately 8-10cm in their root trainers or small pots they should be Potted On to containers like PB3/4 plastic bags or milk cartons. Download Guidelines for Potting On. View short demonstration video (See below).

Video – Pricking Out

Video – Potting On


  • DVD / CD Package
    Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of this resource can do so by sending $25 (incl GST) plus $5 P&P to
    Trees for Survival
    PO Box 11-836
    Auckland 1542