Bird life galore

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Kirsty Hardie Boys writes: “I had a lovely couple of weeks with my family in the Marlborough Sounds. And I must confess to spending many hours just watching the bird life in this area of regenerating native bush – from the tui and bellbirds balancing themselves on the heavily laden flax flower heads, to the kereru getting silly on the berries of the five finger and their majestic swooping up in the air, the weka pecking our toes and a male Californian quail perching at the top of a tree calling out.

“It made me appreciate the work that we all do at TfS – as with this regenerating bush comes the wildlife. This needn’t be restricted to holiday destinations though. At home this summer in Mt Eden, Auckland, we have had a pair of kereru as frequent visitors, so there must be a reliable source of plant food around for them to keep coming back.

“I woke one morning to the characteristic wooshing of this kereru flying, then crashing into the window repeatedly. It must have seen a reflection of itself and was trying to make a new friend.”

The visiting kereru

Sea life in Marlborough Sounds

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