Become a Trees for Survival School

Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools are eligible to join the Trees for survival (TfS) programme. The first step is to complete the TfS School Application Form Completing the application will require support from the school Board of Trustees and confirmation that the school has an ongoing environmental education strategy. In making the application schools are asked to identify several businesses and/or community group to be a Unit and/or School Sponsor.

The steps to Becoming a TfS School are
1. The Board of Trustees and Principal apply by completing the Application Form to incorporate the TfS programme into their school’s environmental education curriculum.
2. TfS Management receives and approves the application pending appropriate funding arrangements being made and a commitment to the programme being made by the School Board.
3. The school works to arrange funding from a Unit and School Sponsor. TfS can assist to locate a sponsor if necessary.
4. An appropriate and secure location for the Plant Growing Unit (PGU) or Shade House is established at the school and the school arranges appropriate insurance against damage by vandalism.
5. The supply of seedlings, materials and availability of resource personnel is confirmed.
6. A PGUt or Shade House is installed.

The time from receipt of the application until installation of a PGU/Shade House and implementation of the programme can take up to three months.

The Application documentation includes an outline of the expected responsibilities of a school. Also included are the suggested responsibilities expected of the other partners involved in the TfS programme.

When the completed Application Form is received TfS will make contact with the School and begin the process of setting up the programme within the School. Part of this process is the conclusion of a Partnership Agreement based on a Partnership Document which outlines the various responsibilities of each partner in the programme.

Each region has a different Partnership Document and there is flexibility depending on the partners commitment.

Contact the National Manager to talk over any matters you may wish to discuss.