Become a Trees for Survival Community Group School Sponsor

Each school participating in the Trees for Survival (TfS) programme has one or more School Sponsors associated with it. The School Sponsor may be a local business, a stream care or landcare group or a service club, such as Rotary. A School Sponsor is usually found after an approach from the School or vice versa.

Other groupings can also offer to form a community partnership to assist the school with their TfS programme. For example local marae, DOC office or retirement home will all have useful skills and expertise. TfS will offer assistance to conclude an agreement between the school and group if necessary.

The School Sponsor/s will agree to meet one or more of the following

  • supply volunteers to assist at the school with plant care or on planting day
  • meet the annual cost of supplies and support
  • provide transport so that pupils can travel to the planting day
  • assist meeting any additional costs as jointly determined by the School Sponsor and School, for example where vandalism is a problem the School Sponsor may work with the school to provide fencing or other forms of security.

The School Sponsor will generally appoint someone as the TfS liaison person who undertakes to:

  • keep in touch with the school TfS Teacher and agree what kind of support can be supplied. This might be helping out with the watering programme during holidays or providing assistance at pricking out time.
  • ensure that School Sponsor members are aware of events and progress in the TfS programme.

The School Sponsor will be able to promote its support of the school by signage on the Plant Growing Unit or as agreed by the school.