Supporting Trees for Survival

We have a simple proposition
In Japan natural forests cover 54% of the land. In New Zealand natural forests used to cover 80% of our land – now the figure is 24%!

This lack of tree cover is having devastating effects on our country resulting in erosion, loss of topsoil to the sea, loss of productive land, damage to our coastal fisheries, tree less farming and loss of native biodiversity.

Some facts

  • 57% of our agricultural land is erosion susceptible.
  • We lose between 200-300 million tonnes of soil every year to the oceans – 10 times the world average!
  • The costs associated with hill country erosion through loss of soil and nutrients, lost production, damage to houses, fences, roads, phone and power lines, and damage to waterways is estimated to be $100 to $150 million per year.
  • Pollution of lakes, rivers and streams by nitrogen and phosphorus is significantly reduced by trees and shrubs growing adjacent to waterways

The Trees for Survival programme is a partnership between schools and their communities, local councils, landowners, sponsors and Trees for Survival.

We are asking for your help to partner with our programme – we want to double the number of schools participating, and we want to quadruple the number of trees we grow and plant.

This country deserves our support. There is nowhere else on earth as special, nor as easy to improve.

Our proposition:
Join Trees for Survival as a Supporter! You may be an individual or represent a company and you too can be part of this win-win-win-win partnership because you win, our young people win, Trees for Survival and our community partners win, our beautiful country wins.

How do you win?

  • Your support provides an effective and economic offset for your carbon emissions
  • You get client recognition of your business promoting environmental responsibility
  • There are opportunities for you and your staff to participate in tree planting activities.
  • Your company gets access to over 5,000 school students and their communities.
  • You receive news items for your company newsletters showing your involvement in positive environmental action
  • Trees for Survival promotional material will be available for use in your front office, company vehicle/s and signage
  • You may use of Trees for Survival logo on invoices, emails, advertising etc
  • You or your company is promoted in Trees for Survival Newsletters and Website (
  • Links are created to your website from the Trees for Survival website

Contact the National Manager today and he will send you our Supporter’s Brochure and Supporter’s Application Form.