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The final stage in any award programme is when the actual awards are presented. This is the formal acknowledgement of all the hard work that has gone into reaching the required standard and reaping the reward of recognition for those efforts. Recently several of the schools achieving 2013 Kowhai status received their awards.

With the achievement comes the challenge for the schools to maintain that status for 2104, and future years – and the encouragement for many other TfS schools to join them when the Kowhai presentations are made for 2014.

Integral to the TfS programme are the many committed teachers and enthusiastic students who keep the programme running month after month, experiencing the educational, social and environmental goals on which the programme is founded.

The whole TfS community – Champions, National sponsors, supporters and school sponsors; committed Rotary clubs and school Boards of Trustees; Field Officers and Council officers, landowners and local suppliers – looks forward to many other TfS schools also gaining recognition in 2014. See Become a Kowhai School this year.

All schools are encouraged to join this 2013 group – Albany Primary School, Avondale College, Awhitu School, Mellon’s Bay School, Moturoa School (New Plymouth), Mission Heights Junior College, Murray’s Bay School, Otahuhu College, Owairoa School, Pakuranga College, Papatoetoe High School, Point View School, Remuera Intermediate School, Takanini School, Verran Primary School and Waitakere Primary School – when the awards are judged in November.

At Otahuhu College the programme consistently produces a large number of plants that enables them to plant out around 1000 themselves as well as providing their surplus to other schools. The TfS programme is well integrated into the school curriculum with students able to gain NCEA credits for the work done. The award was made where the action takes place.

At Otahuhu College; Kirsty Hardie Boys (TfS Fieod Officer), Brian Fitzpatrick (Rotary Club of Otahuhu), Mere (a horticultural student) and Brian Edgar, Teacher-in-charge of TfS

At Pakuranga College every year students from the Environmental Council propagate and nurture over 1000 tree seedlings which are then planted in areas of local land prone to erosion. The award was made at a recent school assembly against a backdrop prominently promoting TfS.

At Pakuranga College; Dianne Paterson (TfS Field Officer) with Jose Dallimore (TfS volunteer) and Georgia and Paige Eyre (TfS leaders) with their award

Takanini School launched the 2014 planting season on April 3, 2014 with a good start getting in to the centre of this wetland, which is too boggy for students when the winter rain comes. They received their award during the planting session.

From left – Front: Sue Crawshay (TfS Planting Day Coordinator, Auckland Council); Dianne Patterson (TfS Field Officer) with three Takanini School TfS pupils and Hayley Govorko (daughter of the landowner) Middle: Owen Pringle, Trevor Stevens, John Parker, Peter Van Der Gulik, John Rennie (members of Rotary Club of Drury), AJ Buttimore (son of the landowner), David Singh (TfS teacher in red hat) and Rotarian Bill Keugler Back: Assistant Rata (Auckland Council).

Owairoa School, as well as receiving a Kowhai Award, were runners-up in the Holyoake Award for 2013.

From left: Dave Small (TfS volunteer), Beth Small (TfS volunteer), Alan McIntyre (Principal, Owairoa School), Kristian (Year 6 pupil & TfS leader), Dianne Patterson (TfS Field Officer Auckland South).

Mellons Bay School, which has been associated with TfS for over a decade, raises 1200 plants annually which in recent years have been planted on a local Brookby farm. The Eco Warriors team of about 30 volunteer students is run by Assistant Principal Judy Corletto and sponsored by Half Moon Bay Rotary.

Eco Warrior pupil Ryan Gass receives the award.

In early March Waitakere Primary School held their Green Day when they introduced their new Green Care Code.  A very special part of the day was the presentation of the Kowhai Award by Sarah Brenchley, TfS Field Officer. Now three years in the TfS programme, under the guidance of Veronika Naglmaier, initially, and current TfS teacher Lucy Franke, the school has worked extremely hard to become more conscious about sustainability and have implemented lots of programmes and processes.

The TfS team proudly display their Kowhai award.

Awhitu School received their award in a school assembly of enthusiastic students.

On Friday 21March 2014, Awhitu District School presentation: From left Anna McNaughton (outgoing TfS Field Officer, Auckland Council); Allison Hammet (Awhitu TfS Teacher); John Allen (Auckland Council Awhitu Regional Park Ranger) and Dianne Patterson (TfS Field Officer Auckland South) who presented the Kowhai Award 2014 and a kowhai seedling to TfS pupils.

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