An ambitious millennium project

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The contribution to the restoration of the Kopurererua Valley Reserve by the Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust during the last 10 years was recognised in March when Tauranga City Mayor Stuart Crosby and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges unveiled a plaque in the reserve to acknowledge the work of the trust.

Acknowledging the drive and dedication the trust had put into achieving their vision of bringing life back into the valley, Stuart went on, “The project is believed to be one of the largest urban wetland restoration projects in Australasia and the time, effort and commitment that the trust has put in is truly impressive.

“Alongside Council and a number of other organisations, they have helped begin to turn a weed-infested and neglected piece of land on the doorstep of the city into an attractive and well-used reserve … the fundraising efforts have resulted in about 200,000 native plants and trees being planted in the valley and assisted in the introduction of new boardwalks and cycle ways, making it more enjoyable for walkers and cyclists.”

From left: Craig Fea (Tauranga City Park Ranger), Tauranga MP Simon Bridges, Mayor Stuart Crosby and Ian Wilson (Chairman Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust) at Kopurererua Valley Reserve.

Notable milestones in the restoration include:

  • 20 hectares of weed-infested land cleared and 15 hectares of land replanted with native trees and plants
  • 15km of boardwalks and walkways developed
  • Partial stream realignment and creation of several new lakes
  • More than 50 community planting days
  • About $1m worth of investment through the Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust and in-kind support from City Partners.
  • A significant increase in the birdlife and biodiversity.

Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust chairman Ian Wilson says the trust was formed in 2004 as a result of the desire for a large scale, long term and ambitious millennium project for four local Rotary clubs.

“With a long history of contributing to the community, the Kopurererua Valley Restoration Project is the most ambitious project ever undertaken by Rotary in Tauranga. We are very proud of what we have helped to achieve over the last ten years and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Council to develop and restore the rest of the valley.”

Other organisations making significant contributions to the restoration project include Te Runanga O Te Ngai Tamarawaho, Comvita, Legacy Funerals, Trees for Survival (contributing schools include Gate Pa School, Tauranga Girls’ College, Bellevue School, Maungatapu School, and earlier Aquinas College and Bethlehem College), Opus International Ltd and Naturally Native NZ Plants.

Thanks to SunLive – The Bay’s news first, for permission to use their article.

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