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In Wellington, while the schools have been inactive over the summer, the residents of Cashmere and Aotea Homes in Johnsonville, have been sowing native seeds and potting on their seedlings.

Collectively, the Cashmere and Aotea Nurseries produce a few hundred eco-sourced natives for planting out by local schools and volunteers. TfS Regional Manager Peter Gilberd collects the seed, and the residents at these hospital-level homes are then responsible for nurturing the plants until they are ready for planting.


Peter Gilberd (centre left) with Cashmere Home residents Alan Darroch (left), Charles Finall, and Hussain Ali (right); the nursery is in the background.

Peter Gilberd (left) and Charles Finall, potting up a tray of eco-sourced ngaio, for the Cashmere Nursery.

Some of the overflow from the nurseries is accommodated at the local Jay St Community Nursery, which propagates most of the plants for Wellington region TfS schools. Peter and his team have used the summer to tidy up the nursery and, remembering last year’s drought which led to a total ban on outside use of water, installed a 7500 litre water tank.

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