Accor sponsors Rotorua school…

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Westbrook sponsored by Accor Hotels
Recently Westbrook School, Rotorua, became a TfS school, sponsored by Accor Hotels. Under School Principal Colin Watkins and teacher-in-charge Jules McLaughlin, the school is very enthusiastic about implementing the programme. The seedlings for the new PGU were donated by Naturally Native NZ Plants (2013) Ltd and it is hoped the landowner partnership will be with Rotorua District Council.

Using the Multistrut ute and trailer, Don Roa, TfS National Manager, delivered the unit and there were many eager young hands to help unload the 20 bags of potting mix.

Unloading the potting mix

Crowd including Accor Hotels management at Westbrook

A joint effort setting up the PGU

Production line hard at work


Amanda Besley, TfS Co-ordinator – Tauranga Environment Centre, reports on the first potting day at Westbrook.  “On a perfect day I arrived to find the trestles set up and we quickly got underway. There was one class the whole day (they soon became the ‘experts’) with other classes of all ages joining in.  The children worked along a production line; folding a root trainer, filling, planting and maintaining quality control.

Proud of their work

“Total plants potted were 350 flax (Phormium cookianum), 100 five finger, 400 Hebe strictus and 500 manuka for a grand total of 1,350 potted”

On Thursday 18th July 2013, Accor General Managers, were able to visit the school as part of the introduction to TfS.

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