A strategic look ahead

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Don Roa, TfS National Manager, comments: “In May we took time out to review our strategic plan with a focus on the next 3-5 years, and beyond.

Don Roa watches on as students prick out their seedlings

“With the progress and growth made in the recent years it is important to ensure that we can maintain and support this growth, whilst looking for opportunities to expand which will allow other willing schools, communities, service clubs and businesses to participate in the TfS programme and the outcomes it offers.

“We have always promoted our programme as an opportunity for children to learn and participate in the growing and planting native trees to combat erosion, improve water quality and control water flow, increase native biodiversity and offset carbon usage. The programme also allows for children to get to know their native trees and the part they play in ecosystems; hence Trees for Survival – Children growing our future.

“From our review we have determined that we are a significant force in planting, along with other like-minded organisations, and have the opportunity to become a major contributor; especially working in partnership with many diverse groups that can benefit from the outcomes that the TfS programme provides both for the nation’s children and the environment.

“This is evident in the Waikato River Project with Waikato Regional Council and with the new Million Metre Streams Project with Sustainable Business Network. We also recognise the increase in service clubs, businesses and schools wanting to join and participate in the TfS programme. The value to our country from the programme we facilitate can only increase our claim to ‘clean and green’; hence we really are Trees for Survival – Replanting New Zealand.

“With an increasingly sound foundation, we are now ready to expand into other regions, always with our focus on quality outcomes through shared activity and the efficient integration of effort.

“Representatives of tree planting organisations wishing to share the vision of Replanting New Zealand are invited to contact me, Don Roa – TfS National Manager to discuss ways we can combine forces and/or share resources to help achieve this vision.”

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